Washington DC

Welcome to the Board of Directors

Authored By: D.C. Bar Pro Bono Program


The DC Bar Pro Bono Program wants to assist you with strengthening your organization's Board governance. One of the most critical ways to assist Board members is by educating them about their fiduciary duties. To help you with this task, the DC Bar Pro Bono Program is happy to provide you with the attached manual entitled "Welcome to the Board of Directors." The purpose of this manual is to provide your organization with a template that will help you develop an orientation manual for new and existing directors. This manual allows you to set forth the mission and goals of your organization; sets forth the basic legal responsibilities for members of the Board of Directors; discusses the Board's role in overseeing the financial and fundraising practices of the organization; describes the safe harbor requirements for setting executive compensation; emphasizes the importance of evaluating the performance of management and the board; and discusses the Board's role in risk management and strategic planning. Please click here to download the manual template.

In addition, we have prepared a sample appendix, with a suggested list of documents and policies you should provide new directors for their reference. The appendix contains samples of such policies, such as conflict of interest and record retention policies, that you may use as a template for developing a policy for your organization. Please click here to download the sample appendix.