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About LawHelp.org

LawHelp is a program of Pro Bono Net, a national nonprofit dedicated to bringing the power of the law to all. 

LawHelp.org was created to help people without lawyers understand their rights, make informed decisions and connect to help in your local community. LawHelp.org provides referrals to nonprofit legal aid organizations in every state and territory, free legal rights resources, court forms and self-advocacy tools. LawHelp.org includes a network of 20 statewide legal information portals developed using the LawHelp platform. We also link to other trusted sources of legal help. 

The first LawHelp site in the country launched in New York in 2001 and our model was expanded nationally with support from the Legal Services Corporation and Open Society Initiative. LawHelp.org and state LawHelp sites are maintained by Pro Bono Net in partnership with dozens of nonprofit legal aid, pro bono, court-based programs and libraries across the country. For more than 20 years, we have worked together to help people navigate the legal system and to make that system fairer for everyone. 

Last year, our network helped more than 8 million people access vital information and support for life-affecting legal issues such as family safety, housing stability,  unemployment, food insecurity, divorce and custody issues, and more. 

About Pro Bono Net

Founded in 1999, Pro Bono Net is a national leader in building technology and collaborations that increase access to justice. From connecting attorneys to those most in need to creating legal tools to help individuals advocate for themselves, we make the law work for the many and not the few. Our programs have been adopted by nonprofit legal organizations and community-based groups in more than 40 states and territories across the US. In addition to LawHelp, they include:

Visit www.probono.net to learn more about our mission and partnerships, and how to get involved.

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