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Resources: Domestic Violence

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If you are in immediate danger, please call 911.

If you are in a crisis and need help, please contact:

A detailed overview is available here: Domestic Violence During the COVID-19 Emergency (Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia)

More links

  • D.C. Department of Human Services: 24-hour shelter hotline: 202-399-7093
  • District Alliance for Safe Housing: 202-290-2356, ext. 101
  • D.C. Victims Hotline: 1-844-4HELPDC

DC residents concerned for their safety can file for a Civil Protection Order or Temporary Protection Order by:

  • Calling the D.C. SAFE Response Line at 1-800-407-5048 for help filing a petition for a Civil Protection Order; OR
  • Electronically filing the petition themselves through the D.C. Superior Court:

Removing Guns from Dangerous Persons: DC Residents can seek an Extreme Risk Protection Order by filling out this form electronically and then contacting D.C. Superior Court to complete the filing by phone at 202-879-0157. You can also email

If you already have a court order and the respondent is violating the order, call or text 911 if you are in immediate danger. For help filing a Motion for Criminal Contempt, call the D.C. Safe Response Line at 1-800-407-5048.

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