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All evictions for tenants and for foreclosed homeowners are postponed until after the Mayor’s Public Health Emergency is over, plus 60 days.New foreclosure cases for homes lived in by their owners cannot be filed during the Mayor's Public Health Emergency, plus 60 days after. The Public Health Emergency currently goes through October 9, 2020.


Landlords cannot currently file any new eviction cases. Landlords cannot evict tenants without going through the court process.

You can find more detailed information about changes to the law that impact homeowners and tenants during the COVID-19 emergency below. 


People in need of emergency shelter can call the Shelter Hotline at (202)399-7093, or 311.


Information for Homeowners about Foreclosures and Mortgage Payments During the COVID-19 Emergency +

Information about Evictions and Your Rights as a Tenant During the COVID-19 Emergency +

Help with Paying Rent and Finding Emergency Housing +

Housing Conditions During COVID-19 +

The COVID-19 pandemic means more people are spending more time at home. Residents who have concerns about unhealthy conditions in their homes can visit the below website to find videos and resources about steps they can take during the pandemic to address health issues like rodents, pests, asthma triggers and their rights as tenants.

Find Legal Help +

Eviction (for Tenants)

  • Landlord Tenant Legal Assistance Network Hotline (a joint project of Bread for the City, D.C. Bar Pro Bono Center, Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia, Legal Counsel for the Elderly, Neighborhood Legal Services Program, and Rising for Justice) (202-780-2575) (website)

Eviction/Landlord & Tenant (Tenants & Small Landlords)

  • Catholic Charities Legal Network (202-350-4305) (website)
  • Christian Legal Aid of D.C. (202-710-0592) (website)
  • Landlord Tenant Legal Assistance Network Hotline (202-780-2575) (website)

Housing Conditions Concerns

  • Children’s Law Center (202-467-4900) (website)
  • Christian Legal Aid of D.C. (202-710-0592) (website)
  • Landlord Tenant Resource Center (D.C. Bar Pro Bono Center) Temporary Phone Line (202-780-2575) (website)
  • Legal Counsel for the Elderly (60+ only) (202-434-2120) (website)
  • Neighborhood Legal Services Program-202-832-6577 (website)
  • Rising for Justice (202-638-4798) (website)


  • Catholic Charities Legal Network (202-350-4305)  (website)
  • Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia (202-628-1161) (website)
  • Legal Counsel for the Elderly (60+ only) (202-434-2120) (website)

Shelter and Homeless Services

  • Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless (202-328-5500) (website)