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Resources: Immigration

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COVID-19 has led to changes in operations at federal agencies and immigration courts that handle immigration issues.


You can find information about immigrant eligibility for federal COVID-19 programs and public charge rules below.


For stimulus payments, you must have a Social Security number valid for employment. Mixed-status families (families whose members have different immigration statuses) did not receive the first two federal stimulus payments. Mixed-status families are eligible for partial March 2021 (3rd) stimulus checks as long as one member of the household has a Social Security number.



  • Standby Guardianships: A standby guardianship allows a parent to name someone to temporarily care for a child as a legal custodian in case of an event like illness or an adverse immigration action. This does not make a parent lose parental rights. You can find more information and the forms needed to name a standby guardian for DC parents here (Children's Law Center)
  • Asian Pacific American Legal Resource Center (202-395-3572) (website)
  • Ayuda (202-387-4848) (website)
  • CARECEN (202-328-9799) (website)
  • Catholic Charities Immigration Legal Services (202-772-4352) (website)
  • DC Affordable Law Firm (income-based fees) (202-844-5428) (website)
  • D.C. Volunteer Lawyers Project (202-425-7573) (website)
  • Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia (202-628-1161) (website)
  • Rising for Justice (202-638-4798) (website)
  • Whitman-Walker Health Legal Services (LGBTQ or HIV+only) (202-939-7630) (website)
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