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Resources: Probate, Wills, and Estate Planning

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The COVID-19 emergency has made many people think about what might happen if they or their loved ones get sick. Below is information for people interested in preparing wills or estate planning during the COVID-19 emergency. You can find general information about probate and estate planning here.

For people filing a will in court (probate) for someone who has passed away, these documents must be mailed to the Court or filed electronically at this time due to COVID-19 restrictions.  You can find more information on the D.C. Courts' Coronavirus website under “Probate.”

You can contact the Probate Division at D.C. Superior Court by calling (202)879-9460 or (202)879-9461 or using the LiveChat on the Court website if you have questions.


  • Personal Affairs Recordbook: This workbook helps list the location of important papers, money, debts, and other personal information so that loved ones have this information after someone’s death. (Council for Court Excellence)
Find Legal Help
  • Catholic Charities Legal Network (202-350-4305) (website)
  • Christian Legal Aid of D.C. (202-710-0592) (website)
  • DC Affordable Law Firm (income-based fees) (202-844-5428) (website)
  • Legal Counsel for the Elderly (60+ only) (202-434-2120) (website)
  • Neighborhood Legal Services Program (202-832-6577 (website)(Wills, Advance Directives)
  • Whitman-Walker Health Legal Services (202-939-7630) (website) (LGBTQ or HIV only)
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