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Resources: Stimulus Payments and Tax Help

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Information about Child Tax Credits



Third Stimulus: Payments are processing for the March 2021 stimulus payents of $1400. You can find information and the status of your payment here (IRS website)

Second Stimulus: As of December 29, 2020, a second round of stimulus payments is going out. The IRS emphasizes that there is no action required by eligible individuals to receive this second payment. If you have questions about the payments, you can read more about them on the IRS website.

First Stimulus:  The March 2020 stimulus payments are for up to $1,200 per person and an additional $500 for each child under 17 years old for people for people who qualify. 


Getting Your Payments:

Some payments are issued on debit cards instead of by check.You can learn more information about the debit card here, including what to do if your card is lost or stolen.

If you did not get your 2020 stimulus payments, you may be eligible to receive it through Recovery Rebate credit. You must file your 2020 federal income taxes with the IRS to get this credit.

You can find information below about who is eligible to get payments, how much you may be eligible for, and steps you may need to take to get your payment, including help with filing your taxes.

There is also information about protecting your payments from scams and creditors (people or organizations you owe money to).


Information about Who is Eligible and Protecting Your Stimulus Payment
Get Your Payment and Tax Help
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