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Legal Alert: New Wage Transparency Requirements for DC Employers

This 2024 legal alert discusses the Wage Transparency Omnibus Amendment Act of 2023's implementation in June 2024 and how it affects the way employers handle salary information for job applicants.

Webinar: Introduction to Employment Law Requirements for D.C. Small Employers

This 2023 webinar is designed for small employers at small businesses and nonprofits as an introduction to employment law concepts.

Legal Alert: Most Non-Compete Agreements Banned in the District of Columbia

This 2022 legal alert explains the Non-Compete Acts which ban many non-compete agreements and workplace policies that restrict employees in the District of Columbia from competing with their employers – both during and after employment.

Webinar: COVID-19 Update - Top Considerations for Nonprofit Employers

This October 2021 webinar discusses COVID-19 issues for nonprofit employers such as vaccines, testing, accommodations, and remote and hybrid work.

Legal Alert: D.C. Government Mandates COVID-19 Vaccine for Some Nonprofit Contractors and Grantees

This legal alert explains how nonprofit contractors and grantees of D.C. governments are affected by the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Webinar: Introduction to DC’s Paid Family Leave Law for Childcare Business Owners

Learn if your employees qualify for paid family leave, and your obligations as an employer at a D.C. childcare center.

Legal Alert: October 1 Brings Temporary Changes to DC PFL Personal Medical Leave, Including Prenatal Leave, and More Generous Benefits Calculations

This legal alert explains temporary changes to DC PFL beginning October 1, 2021, that affect persona medical leave, adds prenatal coverage, and creates more generous benefits calculations.

Webinar: Highlights of the DC Paid Family Leave Act for Nonprofit & Small Business Employers

This webinar discusses DC paid leave laws and the intersection with federal leave laws that can impact local nonprofits and small businesses. This webinar will highlight the DC Paid Family Leave Act (PFLA), one of the most expansive paid leave laws in the country.

D.C. Paid Family Leave Workplace Navigators Fact Sheet for Employers

This fact sheet for employers explains how D.C. Paid Family Leave (PFL) provides all D.C. employees with up to eight weeks of paid sick and/or family leave per year. PFL benefits are paid by the District of Columbia directly to your employees, and every D.C. worker is entitled to take PFL leave – even if you already provide sick and family leave benefits.

Webinar: Mandating COVID-19 Vaccination for Workers: What Employers Should Consider

This webinar discusses if employers can mandate employees to get vaccinated against COVID-19.

Webinar: Employee Handbooks - A Guide for Employers

This 2020 webinar reviews best practices in creating and updating employee handbooks.

Webinar: Legal Landmines - Nonprofits Navigating Return to Work During the COVID-19 Pandemic

This 2020 webinar goes over legal concerns for returning to work during the COVID-19 pandemic. It was offered through Exponentum and with the law firm Jackson Lewis presenting.

Legal Alert: Steps D.C. Employers Must Take to Keep Employees Safe in the Workplace During the Pandemic

This legal alert discusses the Protecting Businesses and Workers from COVID-19 Emergency Amendment Act of 2020 which sets forth mandatory workplace safety requirements. The Act also protects employees from retaliation for refusing to work or serve customers during high risk situations for COVID-19 transmission.

Webinar: Reopening the Office - Considerations for Bringing Workers Back Safely

This webinar discusses operational steps to successfully and safely bring employees back to work as the COVID-19 Stay-At-Home order ends.

Webinar: D.C. Universal Paid Leave Benefits Launch July 1 - What Employers Need to Know

Watch our webinar on D.C. Paid Family Leave's launch in July 2020, and what nonprofit and small business employers need to know.

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