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How to Represent Yourself in an Employment Hearing

This is a guide to helping workers represent themselves at certain kinds of employment related hearings without a lawyer, for example, unemployment compensation hearings, workers' compensation hearings, and discrimination hearings. It is meant to provide a very basic understanding of the typical format and rules for these types of hearings. Be sure to consult the specific agency holding your hearing for more detailed information.

What Immigrant Workers Should Know About No-Match Letters

This resource answers questions about the Social Security Administration's use of employer "no match" letters to identify people who are working under incorrect or false Social Security numbers.

Resources for Workers Who Have Been Laid Off

A list of resources available to workers who have been laid off, including training programs.

Your Rights During Mass Layoffs

Information about your right to notice during a mass layoff.

Occupational Health and Safety Administration Whistleblower Protections

Information for employees who believe they may have been terminated for reporting health and safety concerns about their workplace.

Social Security "No Match" Letters

This document provides more details about the Social Security Administration's "no match" process for notifying employers when an employee's name and Social Security number do not match.

Frequently Asked Questions About Criminal Records

This resource provides answers to some common questions about the effect of a criminal record on your employment under DC law.

Frequently Asked Questions About Paid Sick & Safe Leave

This resource provides answers to some of the most common questions about paid sick and safe leave under DC law.

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