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  • If the Property You Rent Has Been Sold in a Foreclosure Sale

    This is a letter that you can send to the new owner of the property or the new owner's lawyer. In the District of Columbia, a property owner cannot evict a tenant just because the property was sold at foreclosure. (This is a letter for tenants only. It does not apply to former owners.) Content Detail

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  • No Self-Help Eviction Letter

    In D.C., your landlord cannot evict you without bringing you to Court and receiving a "judgment for possession." Evictions done without going through this process are called "self-help" evictions, and they are illegal in the District of Columbia. If your landlord tries to do a self-help eviction, they may be responsible for paying you for your property damage plus money damages for breaking the law. If your landlord has threatened to evict you without bringing you to Court and receiving a judgment for possession, this is a letter you can send to them advising them that you know your rights and that the eviction is illegal. Read More

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