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Frequently Asked Questions About Domestic Violence and Rental Housing

If you or your children are the victims of domestic violence, you may have legal rights that will help you protect yourself from violence in the house or apartment your rent. These rights may make it easier for you to move or to protect yourself in your home. To learn what is considered "domestic violence" under D.C. law, see the resource titled Frequently Asked Questions About Domestic Violence.

Frequently Asked Questions: Evicting Guests, Roommates, Family Members, and Other Unwanted Occupants from Your Home

Frequently Asked Questions about evicting non-tenant guests from your home. This includes unwelcome roommates and family members, but does NOT include renters and subletters.

Late Fees – Frequently Asked Questions

A FAQ about DC's 2016 Late Fee Fairness Act, which has rules about the late fees landlords are allowed to charge their tenants when they pay rent late.

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