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Emergency Shelter for Families in D.C.

Information for families with children about accessing shelters in D.C.

Emergency Shelter for Individuals in D.C.

Information for individuals (single adults) about accessing shelters in the District of Columbia.

How to Get a Photo I.D., Birth Certificate, or Social Security Card

This resource provides information on how to get important identification documents that you may need to apply for a job or government services.

Street Rights

Your Rights on the Street

VA Programs for Homeless Veterans

Information about the services available to homeless veterans, including prevention, housing support, treatment, and employment/job training.

What to Do If You've Been Denied Shelter or Asked to Leave a Shelter

Shelters that receive money from the District government through the Community Partnership for the Prevention of Homelessness must follow certain legal rules if they deny or end shelter services. This information is designed to help you if you have: 1) tried to get into a Partnership-funded shelter and been denied or 2) been told that you must leave a Partnership-funded shelter. At any step in this process, you may be represented by a lawyer. A good place to start looking for one is the Washington Legal Clinic for the Homeless. Their phone number is: (202) 328-5500.

Who Do I Call If I Have a Problem in Shelter?

This resource provides information on who to contact if you have a problem while staying in a shelter.

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