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Guardianship and Conservatorship: Frequently Asked Questions

This resource provides information about the process for appointing a guardian or conservator for an adult who cannot make his or her own financial, health care, or other life decisions.

Frequently Asked Questions About the Rights of Domestic Partners

This fact sheet covers FAQs for couples seeking information about domestic partnership. Same-sex couples who wish to marry can find more information at the Marriage Bureau of the D.C. Superior Court (

How Social Security Can Make Payments to Someone Who is Managing Your Money For You

Social Security's Representative Payment Program provides fiduciary assistance for our beneficiaries who are incapable of managing or directing someone else to manage their Social Security or SSI payments.

Probate Division - Intervention Proceedings

Information, forms, and frequently asked questions on petitions to open an intervention proceeding, i.e., for the appointment of a guardian or conservator of an incapacitated person or for a protective order relating to an incapacitated person.

DC Courts - Probate Videos and Brochures

Videos and brochures from the DC Courts covering decedent's estates, guardianships and conservatorships for incapacitated adults, guardianships of estates of minors, trusts, foreign estates, and wills

Inventory and Accounting Guide

The document provides an overview of conservators', guardians', and personal representatives' duty to provide the Court with inventories and accounts.

Inventory Preparation PowerPoint

This PowerPoint presentation outlines the rules for providing inventories and describes how to properly value assets.

When Adults Need Help Making Decisions and Managing Daily Affairs

A non-lawyer's guide to D.C.'s legal tools for assisting adults.

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