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After Death - A Guide to Probate in the District of Columbia

This document provides an overview of the probate process in the District, describing each step. The guide includes definitions and a checklist.

DC Courts - Probate Videos and Brochures

Videos and brochures from the DC Courts covering decedent's estates, guardianships and conservatorships for incapacitated adults, guardianships of estates of minors, trusts, foreign estates, and wills

Forms for Filing for the Administration of a Large Estate

This document includes the forms and instructions for filing for the administration of an estate valued at more than $40,000.

Forms for Initiating a Standard Probate Proceeding

This document contains a step by step guide to standard probate proceedings. It includes the forms and instructions for beginning a standard probate proceeding and providing notice.

Inventory and Accounting Guide

The document provides an overview of conservators', guardians', and personal representatives' duty to provide the Court with inventories and accounts.

Inventory Preparation PowerPoint

This PowerPoint presentation outlines the rules for providing inventories and describes how to properly value assets.

Personal Affairs Record Book

Lists information and identifies the location of all of the important documents your personal representative will need at the time of your death.

Re-opening a Decedents Estate in the District of Columbia

This document provides instructions and forms for reopening a closed estate when a new asset is discovered or it is determined that an asset was not fully or properly administered.

When Someone Dies - A Non-Lawyer's Guide to Probate in Washington, DC

The document provides a step-by-step guide to the District of Columbia’s system for settling the financial affairs of deceased DC residents.

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