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Legal Alert: Supreme Court Vacancies and Navigating Other Advocacy, Lobbying, and Political Intervention for Nonprofits

This legal alrt discusses how the charged political atmosphere for the upcoming 2020 elections will create special challenges for 501(c)(3) nonprofits that engage in advocacy activities. This includes being careful to follow IRS rules if trying to influence the Senate confirmation of a new Supreme Court justice.

Webinar: Nonprofit Advocacy 101 - Lobbying, Political Activity, and IRS Rules for 501(c)(3)s

This webinar discusses the basics of nonprofit advocacy for 501(c)(3) organizations.

Podcast: Political Activity - What Your Organization Needs to Know

This podcast discusses what nonprofit organizations need to know when thinking about getting involved politically.

A Nonprofit’s Guide to Lobbying and Political Activity

A guide to the IRS rules and regulations for 501(c)(3)s about lobbying and other political activity.

Webinar: Lobbying and Political Activity

The audio recording and slides from the 2014 webinar on lobbying and political activity.

Legal Alert: Monitoring Your Section 501(c)(3) Organization’s Activities with Respect to Political Campaigns

This legal alert explains the relationship between political campaigns and nonprofit advocacy, lobbying, and other political activity, including case examples from the IRS.

Legal Alert: The D.C. Government Rules Regarding The Registration of Lobbyists

Learn about the rules and process for lobbying the D.C. government. Lobbyists in D.C. must register and file annual reports. This legal alert describes the process for becoming a registered lobbyist in D.C.

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