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How to File a Social Security Request for Reconsideration

Authored By: Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia

Download these forms

1) Download the above forms yourself or with someone you trust. You do not need a lawyer or doctor to fill this out.

Do not worry about explaining in detail why you disagree with Social Security’s decision. You can keep it simple.   
Example: I disagree with the decision and am disabled.

2) Take these forms in person to your local Social Security office.

3) When you turn these in, ask Social Security to stamp a copy of your Request for Reconsideration with that day’s date and give it back to you.

**Deadline to give these forms to Social Security: 60 days after the date on Social Security letter saying that you are not disabled.** 

If you miss this 60-day deadline, your case will be closed in Social Security’s office. To try to re-open it, tell Social Security in writing the reason why you missed the deadline.  Whether Social Security agrees to re-open your case depends on if it believes you have a good reason for missing the deadline.  
Examples of good reasons: I never got the notice, I was sick, etc.

Information provided by the Legal Aid Society of the District of Columbia

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