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Nonprofit Board Financial Management and Fiscal Oversight are Critical

Authored By: D.C. Bar Pro Bono Center

Nonprofit News, Fall 2021


From overseeing the budget, to selecting an auditor, to reviewing your organization’s annual Form 990, providing fiscal governance is a critical function of nonprofit boards and a fiduciary responsibility of individual directors.

The D.C. Bar Pro Bono Center provides a resource guide for nonprofit directors on their financial oversight duties and, in partnership with Exponentum™, a webinar on financial management practices for nonprofits. Budgeting and financial management are also covered as part of our regular Board Basics A-Z training series.

For additional insights and resources related to nonprofit fiscal governance, check out Sustainability Education 4 Nonprofits (SE4N), a training and education platform founded by A. Michael Gellman (CPA, CGMA) and Benjamin Takis (JD). SE4N features a blog series with over 70 articles covering nonprofit law and finance topics along with a resource library containing templates, worksheets, and assessment tools. 


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