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Serving on the Board of Directors



• * Welcome to the Board of Directors (Guidebook) An easy-to-understand manual for new and existing Board members which sets forth a Board member's duties and responsibilities while serving as a director of a nonprofit organization. 
A Year in the Life of a Board of Directors: A Guide for Board Chairs (Guidebook) A guide for Board Chairs overseeing a nonprofit Board's operations. 


* Board Basics: A 10-part webinar series covering the key policies and practices of nonprofit boards from a legal compliance perspective


Board Basics – Supplemental Legal Alerts
Director and Officer Indemnification (Legal Alert)
Conflict of Interest Policies: Disclosure, Monitoring and Enforcement (Legal Alert)
Audit Committee and Audit Committee Charters (Legal Alert)
Keeping Corporate Minutes (Legal Alert)
FAQs about Board Voting (Legal Alert)
Tax-Exempt Organization Alert: Whistleblower Policies (Legal Alert)

Financial Governance
• * The Role of the Board of Directors in Financial Oversight: A Guide for Board Members (Guidebook) A concise guide to the array of financial oversight responsibilities of nonprofit board members. 
Fiduciary Duty of Board of Directors to Oversee Financial Affairs (Legal Alert)

The Role of the Board and Senior Management in Financial Oversight (Webinar Slides)
Compensating Nonprofit Board Directors to Advance Equity and Inclusion: Seven Important Legal Considerations (Newsletter Article)

Board Basics - An Introduction to Finance and Governance Committees (Webinar)


Board Management & Operations
Codes of Conduct: How to Establish the Right Tone (Legal Alert)
The Tone at the Top: How Nonprofit Leaders Create the Right Culture in Their Organizations (Podcast)
When Board Members Don't Attend Board Meetings (Podcast)


(*) indicates materials in our “Start Here” series, a core collection of beginner-friendly resources for those with little to no experience in nonprofit law

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