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Webinar: Nonprofit Expansion - Legal Issues to Position Your Organization For Success

Authored By: D.C. Bar Pro Bono Center

Webinar Description

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In the nonprofit sector today, many organizations are expanding their programs by broadening their geographical reach, collaborating with others, creating affiliates, and/or increasing their budget and staff size. In many instances, even for community-based organizations, these expanded activities involve issues such as charitable solicitation that cuts across state lines.

This webinar reviews many of the basic legal questions that arise as nonprofits seek to expand their programs and services. Topics in this webinar include the different ways to structure affiliate relationships and how to protect your organization’s tax-exempt status and obtain authority to do business in other states when doing so. This includes a review of laws related to solicitation of funds from donors in other states, via the internet, and by other means. The presentation also covers the legal issues that arise when collaborating and contracting with third parties to obtain or provide goods and services. It identifies some of the practical and operational issues that nonprofits experience when expanding, such as those related to facilities, human resources, governance, intellectual property, and insurance.

Last Review and Update: May 23, 2019
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