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Legal Alert: New Wage Transparency Requirements for DC Employers

This 2024 legal alert discusses the Wage Transparency Omnibus Amendment Act of 2023's implementation in June 2024 and how it affects the way employers handle salary information for job applicants.

Webinar: Demystifying the Corporate Transparency Act for Your Small Business

This 2024 webinar helps entities understand if they are required to report beneficial ownership under the Corporate Transparency Act.

Webinar: The Fundamentals of an Operating Agreement

This 2024 webinar goes over what every LLC should have in a written operating agreement to govern its internal operations.

Webinar: Before You Start – Defining the Mission and Purpose of a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Organization

This 2023 webinar explains what 501(c)(3) organizations can and cannot pursue with respect to their mission and core activities.

Webinar: Introduction to Intellectual Property for Entrepreneurs and Nonprofits

This 2023 webinar focuses on four common kinds of IP (patents, trade secrets, trademarks, and copyrights), how to identify them, and agreements related to the ownership and use of IP.

Legal Alert: Cash Free Retailer in D.C.? Prepare for Changes on October 1, 2023

This 2023 legal alert discusses the Cashless Retailers Prohibition Amendment Act of 2020 which makes it unlawful to discriminate against customers using cash at most retailers in D.C.

Webinar: Board Basics - An Introduction to Finance and Governance Committees

This 2023 webinar provides an introduction to two committees that many nonprofits will consider creating when they have sufficient board capacity: a finance committee, to specialize in financial oversight and controls, and a governance committee, to specialize in board development and governance matters.

Webinar: Before You Start - Understanding the Benefits and Limitations of a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Entity

This 2023 webinar discusses if 501(c)(3) status is right for your organization -- and explains alternatives.

Webinar: The Corporate Transparency Act - Preparing Your Small Business

This 2023 goes over the Corporate Transparency Act enacted in 2021 to help prevent and combat money laundering, terrorist financing, corruption, tax fraud, and other illicit activity.

Webinar: Data Privacy Overview for Small Businesses & Nonprofits

This 2023 webinar goes over the basics of data privacy for nonprofits and small businesses.

Legal Alert: Phase-Out of Tipped Minimum Wage in D.C. & Reminder of Tipped-Worker Compliance Obligations

This 2023 legal alert explains how the tipped minimum wage will be phased out in D.C. after voters passed Initiative 82, the District of Columbia Tip Credit Elimination Act of 2021. In addition, it goes over other pre-existing tipped worker requirements.

Webinar: Managing Intellectual Property for Nonprofits and Small Businesses

This 2023 webinar for nonprofits and small businesses provides an overview of different types of intellectual property rights, including patents, copyrights, trademarks, and trade secrets, and how such rights help protect an organization’s technology, products, and services.

Webinar: Introduction to Employment Law Requirements for D.C. Small Employers

This 2023 webinar is designed for small employers at small businesses and nonprofits as an introduction to employment law concepts.

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