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Small Business and Nonprofit News

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Webinar: Starting a Small Nonprofit - A Guide to IRS Form 1023-EZ

This 2022 webinar provides an overview of the IRS Form 1023-EZ used apply for federal tax-exempt if the startup nonprofit expects to receive less than $50,000 in total revenue, annually, in their first three years.

Webinar: Board Basics - The Legal Duties of Nonprofit Directors

This 2022 webinar is part of the Board Basics webinar series and discusses legal duties of nonprofit board members.

Webinar: Nonprofits Might Attract More Donors with Improved Website Content and Attention to Privacy

This June 2022 webinar discusses how data privacy should remain top of mind for nonprofit organizations who are trying to attract charitable donations to their mission and instill trust in their donors.

Legal Alert: Licensing your D.C. Short-Term Rental

This 2022 legal alert explains the Short-Term Rental Regulation Act of 2018 which requires all short-term and vacation rental properties operating in the District of Columbia to obtain a business license. This applies those renting out all or part of a property through booking sites like AirBnb, VRBO, or HomeAway.

Webinar: Back to Basics - D.C. Small Business Legal Compliance and Best Practices

This 2021 webinar goes over legal requirements for small businesses in D.C., best practices, and what the business’ chosen entity means for the owner(s). This webinar was presented in collaboration with the D.C. Department of Small and Local Business Development (DSLBD).

Webinar: Board Basics - Setting Compensation for Nonprofit Executives

This 2022 webinar is part of the Board Basics webinar series and discusses executive compensation for nonprofits.

Legal Alert: Food-Serving Businesses in D.C. Must Stop Automatically Providing Disposable Napkins, Utensils, and More Beginning in 2022

This legal alert explains the 2020 Zero Waste Amendment Act which prohibits D.C. restaurants and other food-serving businesses from automatically including small disposable food service items in customer orders.

Webinar: Staying Exempt - Overview of Legal Requirements for Maintaining 501(c)(3) Nonprofit Status

This 2021 webinar goes over legal requirements to maintain a nonprofit's 501(c)(3) status.

Webinar: Cooperative Models for Building Back Better

This 2021 webinar discusses the cooperative business model as a way to better support and economically empower workers

Webinar: COVID-19 Update - Top Considerations for Nonprofit Employers

This October 2021 webinar discusses COVID-19 issues for nonprofit employers such as vaccines, testing, accommodations, and remote and hybrid work.

Legal Alert: D.C. Government Mandates COVID-19 Vaccine for Some Nonprofit Contractors and Grantees

This legal alert explains how nonprofit contractors and grantees of D.C. governments are affected by the COVID-19 vaccine mandate.

Webinar: Introduction to DC’s Paid Family Leave Law for Childcare Business Owners

Learn if your employees qualify for paid family leave, and your obligations as an employer at a D.C. childcare center.

Legal Alert: October 1 Brings Temporary Changes to DC PFL Personal Medical Leave, Including Prenatal Leave, and More Generous Benefits Calculations

This legal alert explains temporary changes to DC PFL beginning October 1, 2021, that affect persona medical leave, adds prenatal coverage, and creates more generous benefits calculations.

Webinar: DC Biz Chat - An Essential Guide to Leasing a Commercial Space

This webinar from the DC Department of Small & Local Business Development and the D.C. Bar Pro Bono Center is a great first step to understanding the processes around commercial leasing.

A Comprehensive Commercial Leasing Guide

This guide provides basic information on some of the legal and practical issues to consider when entering into a commercial lease in the District of Columbia (DC). Topics include location selection, evaluation of space needs, space construction, working with professionals, review of key lease terms, and limiting business and personal risks.

Webinar: Highlights of the DC Paid Family Leave Act for Nonprofit & Small Business Employers

This webinar discusses DC paid leave laws and the intersection with federal leave laws that can impact local nonprofits and small businesses. This webinar will highlight the DC Paid Family Leave Act (PFLA), one of the most expansive paid leave laws in the country.

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