What is LawHelp Interactive?

LawHelp Interactive (or LHI) creates free legal documents. To create a legal document, you have to answer the questions in the interview and your answers are used to create your document. LawHelp Interactive forms are currently available in over 35 states and some of these forms are available in Spanish as well as Chinese, Korean, and Vietnamese.

Where can I find forms for my state?

If you are looking for a particular form in your language and your state, please visit LawHelp Interactive and click on the “find forms” button. We are working with our partners to increase the number of interviews in other languages, and if you cannot find a form in the language you need, you may need to contact the Court or a legal aid organization for help.

Who can use LawHelp Interactive?

LawHelp Interactive is available for use by people who cannot afford an attorney, legal aid lawyers, and pro bono lawyers.  LawHelp Interactive is also available to all users creating forms for courts in Minnesota, California, New York, and New Mexico. Commercial use is strictly forbidden.

What happens after I create a legal document using LawHelp Interactive?

Please read all of the instructions that are provided on the site before you start and any instructions when you print out your document.

LawHelp Interactive forms can be printed, emailed, saved and changed. To save and change your forms when you come back, you will need to create an account on LawHelpInteractive.org. To edit, start at the website where you found the form, sign in when you are on LawHelpInteractive.org and then edit your form. In addition, some forms can also be e-filed in courts.

Web Browsers and LawHelp Interactive

LawHelp Interactive works with all web browsers, but the security settings of your browser and the type of word processing document you are using will affect your LawHelp Interactive experience. Make sure your browser is not set to block pop-ups and allows for cookies to be stored. Also make sure that your browser is not defaulting to notepad to print. Use Microsoft Word or a similar program to print.

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What is the difference between LawHelp and LawHelp Interactive?

Like LawHelp.org, LawHelp Interactive is a project of Pro Bono Net, a nonprofit committed to increasing access to justice through technology. LawHelp Interactive is a tool that can be used to create legal forms and documents. LawHelp.org is a national network of legal information websites that provide basic legal information, referrals to local legal aid programs, court information and more.
LawHelp Interactive is funded by a grant from the Legal Services Corporation, courts, and other sources of funds, and donations
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