Beware of GLSC-DLC imposters

Authored By: GLSC-Disability Law Center

Watch for suspicious emails, phone calls, and voice messages.

Please be aware that there are people who have made phone calls, left voice messages, and even sent email messages pretending to be employees of Guam Legal Services Corporation - Disability Law Center.

To protect yourself, you can follow these simple steps:

  1. Confirm that the message is really from GLSC-DLC.
    If it is a phone call or message, check your Caller ID. If you are not sure about the number, you can call us at 477-9811 to confirm that the message was from us.
    If it is an email message, check the address of the Sender. Official GLSC-DLC email will always end with "" (example: If you are not sure about an email message, you can forward the message to to confirm that the message was from us.
  2. Block or Keep Record of future messages.
    You can block any future messages from getting to you. Your phone service provider or your email service usually have a way for you to block calls or email.
    If you are reporting each incident to the police, you can keep a log of each message received.