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Hawaii Disaster Relief

Hawaii Disaster Relief

The Hawaii State Bar Association, Hawaii County Bar Association, West Hawaii Bar Association, Senior Counsel Division and the Legal Aid Society of Hawaii have joined together to help residents of Puna recover from Hurricane Iselle and the recent lava flow. Initial assistance was provided through the State’s Disaster Relief Assistance Centers and through a special hotline that was set-up by the Hawaii State Bar Association. Volunteer attorneys provided legal services in these early efforts through Disaster Relief Clinics.
The following materials are for legal information only. Please consult an attorney for specific questions about your case.

Renters' Rights

This brochure provides basic information about your rights if the property you are renting is affected by a natural disaster






Document Replacement

Use this brochure for guidance on replacing lost or
damaged documents and records.

Insurance Claims

Read about Homeowner's insurance, how to get a police report, and the top 10 insurance claims tips.

Property Damage

Use this brochure for information about mortgage payments, destruction of party walls, lateral and subjacent support, building repairs, and tax liability reductions.


Find information about all mediation centers across the state to help solve landlord/tenant disputes, issues between family members, and more.

A2J Interview: Tree Damage

Use this interactive interview if you have property damage as a result of falling trees from Hurricane Iselle and other natural disasters.