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Self-Help Information

  • Hawaii's Used Car Sales And Warranty Law

    Here are some things to keep in mind about Hawaii’s used car sales and warranty law. Read More

    Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs
  • Information About Hawaii's Lemon Law

    Hawaii’s “Lemon Law” helps consumers who have problems getting their new or leased cars (or motorcycles) repaired under a manufacturer’s warranty. Through the program, eligible consumers can request arbitration with the manufacturer. Under certain conditions, a consumer may be awarded a refund or a replacement car. The cost to consumers is $50.00 and the fee is refunded if the consumer prevails. Read More

    Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs
  • Lemon Law - Rights for Consumers of Used and New Vehicles

    This brochure may be helpful if you have purchased a used or new vehicle with a chronic pattern of malfunctions or the Dealer fails to afford you your rights. Read More

    Legal Aid Society of Hawaii
  • Mediation on Hawaii Island - Hilo

    Ku'ikahi Mediation Center provides a variety of dispute prevention and resolution services to our East Hawaii community. We help individuals, families, organizations, businesses, schools, and others to find creative solutions to challenging situations. Read More

    Ku'ikahi Mediation Center
  • Mediation on Hawaii Island - Kona

    West Hawaii Mediation Center strives to provide an array of high quality conflict resolution services to community members and organizations throughout West Hawaii. Read More

    West Hawaii Mediation Center
  • Mediation on Kauai

    Mediation Services from Kauai Economic Opportunity (KEO) can address a number of issues. Mediators from the agency facilitate dispute resolution in a confidential, informal and non-threatening manner, with the aim of avoiding court proceedings or preventing evictions. Read More

    Kauai Economic Opportunity Mediation Program
  • Mediation on Maui

    Maui Mediation Services, Inc. was established in 1982 to provide creative and appropriate ways of resolving disputes Read More

    Maui Mediation Services
  • Mediation on Oahu

    Mediation Center of the Pacific's mission is to provide high quality mediation and dispute resolution services that are affordable and accessible on the island of Oahu. Read More

    Mediation Center of the Pacific