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Federal Trade Commission Consumer Information

This section of the FTC website offers practical information on a variety of consumer topics that can help you exercise your consumer rights and avoid rip-offs.

Financial Aid Information

Information on finding and applying for financial aid, repaying financial aid, and financial aid resources for schools.

Guide to Repaying Your Federal Student Loans

Find the right repayment plan for you, learn how to make payments, get help if you can’t afford your payments, and see what circumstances might result in a loan being forgiven, canceled, or discharged.

How To Repay Your Loans - Understanding Default

Understand how missing a loan payment can be a problem, what default means and the consequences of default, and what you need to do if your loan is in default or if you think the default on your loan is an error.

Tips to Manage Your Student Loan Debt

Learn about types of student loans, repayment plans, loan forgiveness programs, getting out of default, and how to cancel loans.

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