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  • Hawaii Homeless Rights

    Answers and explanations to common homeless concerns in the City and County of Honolulu Read More

    American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU)
  • Hawaii Patients’ Bill of Rights

    Hawaii Patients’ Bill of Rights and Responsibilities Act: Understanding Your Health Care Rights Read More

    Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs
  • HIV & Your Civil Rights in the Workplace

    Learn about your legal rights against discrimination if you have tested positive for HIV, or if you have AIDS. Read More

    American Civil Liberties Union
  • Learn about Domestic Workers' Rights

    If you work in a home, cleaning, cooking, caring for a child, doing laundry or other domestic service, you have the right to be free from discrimination on the job, payment of at least the state minimum wage, and overtime pay after 40 hours of work in a week Read More

    Department of Labor and Industrial Relations
  • Learn about Worker's Rights

    Wage theft is when an employer does not pay you what you are owed for your work. Review the following materials to know your rights and learn how to take action if you are a victim of wage theft. Read More

    Legal Aid Society of Hawaii
  • Wage Theft: The Hanahana Justice Project

    The Hanahana Justice Program combats wage theft in Hawaii. The program aims to empower low-wage workers, address wage theft, trafficking,and labor exploitation, and advance worker justice through education, outreach, advocacy, and community lawyering. Read More

    Legal Aid Society of Hawaii
  • Your Medical Record Rights in Hawaii

    This guide is intended to help you understand how to see, get a copy of, and amend (correct) medical records from Hawaii health care providers who have to follow the HIPAA Privacy Rule. Read More

    Health Policy Institute, Georgetown University
  • Your Rights as a Job-Seeker: What Employers Can and Cannot Do

    Learn about employment/workers' rights for individuals who have an arrest and court record. Read More

    Hawai'i Friends of Restorative Justice
  • Your Rights as a Taxpayer

    Taxpayer Bill of Rights: Each and every taxpayer has a set of fundamental rights they should be aware of when dealing with the IRS. Explore your rights and our obligations to protect them. Read More

    Taxpayer Advocate Service: Internal Revenue Service