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Learn about Worker's Rights

Wage theft is when an employer does not pay you what you are owed for your work. Review the following materials to know your rights and learn how to take action if you are a victim of wage theft.

Wages & Work Hours: Frequently Asked Questions

Read answers to frequently asked questions on topics including Work Hours, Leave, Minimum Wage, Overtime, Record keeping & Reporting, Regulations & Standards, Termination, and Wage Determination.

Wage Theft: The Hanahana Justice Project

The Hanahana Justice Program combats wage theft in Hawaii. The program aims to empower low-wage workers, address wage theft, trafficking,and labor exploitation, and advance worker justice through education, outreach, advocacy, and community lawyering.

Your Rights as a Job-Seeker: What Employers Can and Cannot Do

Learn about employment/workers' rights for individuals who have an arrest and court record.

Barriers to Finding and Securing Employment

Learn about some of the work restrictions you might face with a criminal conviction record.

Employment Discrimination Based on Criminal Records

Learn about illegal discrimination in the workplace based on an employee's criminal record, and the law's that protect against such discrimination.

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