Learn about Act 48 Relating to Mortgage Foreclosures


Act 48 gives homeowners facing a non-judicial foreclosure an opportunity to meet face-to-face with their lenders to possibly modify their loans or to devise a payment plan to keep their homes (“dispute resolution”).  The act also gives homeowners the option to switch from a non-judicial foreclosure process to a judicial foreclosures process (“conversion”). Homeowners can choose either dispute resolution or conversion, not both.  Act 48 also includes rules Condominium Associations must follow when a homeowner defaults on payment of their Association dues and gives homeowners the right to enter into reasonable payment plans with the Association.    

This brochure covers 3 components of Act 48:

1) Non-Judicial Mortgage Foreclosure Dispute Resolution

2) Non-Judicial to Judicial Conversion

3) Default on Payment of Condominium Association Dues

Last Review and Update: Sep 21, 2018
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