How to Serve the Other Parent (Same Island) in a Paternity Action


This brochure will help you if you have started or will be starting a paternity/custody/visitation action and need information on how to serve the other parent if s/he is on the same island as you.



  • Filing for paternity/custody can be a very dangerous time for abuse victims. If you fear for your safety, talk to an attorney before filing for paternity/custody.

  • If the other parent lives on a different island from you OR lives on the mainland, do not use this brochure. 

  • If you cannot find the other parent, do not use this brochure. 

  • This brochure only tells you how to serve the other parent in a paternity action. It is not informative on the entire paternity court process.

Last Review and Update: Sep 21, 2018
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