Learn about Quest Integration (Medicaid Program)

Authored By: Department of Human Services


The Department of Human Services Med-QUEST Division (MQD) has launched, QUEST Integration, a more patient-centric Medicaid program to better serve clients. QUEST Integration effectively combines and replaces the QUEST and QUEST Expanded Access (QExA) programs.

The benefits of QUEST Integration include more health plan choices for aged, blind or disabled individuals, and a greater ability for a beneficiary to remain with the same health plan upon turning 65 or developing a disability. Additionally, eligible beneficiaries will gain expanded access to home and community-based services to prevent decline to institutional level of care. 

View the following link and attachments for more details.

Download: MedQuest Application Benefit Offices

Download: Quest Integration Decision Booklet

Last Review and Update: Sep 21, 2018
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