Self-Help Form: Petition for Paternity or for Custody, Visitation, and Support Orders after VEP Part 2 - Oahu (First Circuit)

Authored By: Legal Aid Society of Hawaii LSC Funded

Information about using Self-Help Forms

Welcome! This online interview was developed by the Legal Aid Society of Hawaii for use by low-income persons representing themselves, however it is available free of charge to all persons. These forms are not for commercial use and charging for use in any way is prohibited.

Use this interactive interview if you already filed Part One of your Paternity case. If you have not already filed Part One, click here to fill out the form necessary to do so.

This interview will complete the second and last set of forms you will need for your Paternity case: 1) Paternity Financial Information, 2) Summons, and 3) Proof of Service. We suggest you read our publication Paternity: Establishing Custody, Visitation, and Support before completing this interview. 


What do I need to get started?

It is helpful to gather the following information before starting the self-help interview:

  • FC-P Number (Family Court Case Number) 

  • Your full legal name and address

  • Full legal name and address of defendent (opposing party) 

  • Your employment information: employer, pay frequency, gross monthly income

  • Expenses you pay for your child(ren)

  • Your Assets (if applicable)

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Last Review and Update: Sep 21, 2018