Self-Help Form: Garnishee Order

Authored By: Legal Aid Society of Hawaii

Information about using Self-Help Forms

Welcome! This online interview was developed by the Legal Aid Society of Hawaii for use by low-income persons representing themselves, but is available free of charge to all persons. These forms are not for commercial use and charging for use in any way is prohibited.

Use this interactive interview if you want to complete a Garnishee Order.  Complete this court form if you want to collect money owed to you from a Judgment. We suggest you review our video: How to Collect a Judgment. The video mentions several court forms depending on your collection method. Some of these forms can be completed through the interviews below.

Additional court forms you MAY need to complete:

 Notice of Entry of Judgment (Form #DC43) 
  • Notice must be given to other party to let them know they owe you money 

 Motion for Examination of Debtor or Person with Knowledge Interview (Form #DC44)
  • Complete and file if you do not know what assets (money or valuable goods) the person has who owes you money. Allows you to question the debtor (person who owes you money) or someone with knowledge of debtor's assets to find out what they have and where they keep it. 

 Garnishee Transfer Interview (Form #DC33) 
  • Assures employer that you have a legal right to collect the money, including attached a copy of the judgment. 

 Satisfaction of Judgment and Release of Garnishee Interview (Form #DC45)
  • Release - notified employer that they no longer need to garnish wages from the debtor - important to do when you have received your money
  • Satisfaction - notifies the Court that you have collected enough and you are done and satisfied
 Garnishee Calculation Interview (Form #DC27C)
  • Provide this to employwer to calculate the amount allowed to be garnished (taken out of paycheck)

 Garnishee by Declaration Interview
  • Instructs the employer to garnish wages (take money out of paycheck) from debtor (person who owes you money) 
Last Review and Update: Sep 21, 2018
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