Self-Help Form: Statement of Mailing Exhibits "1" and "2"

Information about using Self-Help Forms

Welcome! This online interview was developed by the Legal Aid Society of Hawaii for use by low-income persons representing themselves, but is available free of charge to all persons. These forms are not for commercial use and charging for use in any way is prohibited.

Use this interactive interview to complete a Statement of Mailing, Exhibits "1" and "2" required in a Divorce case if your spouse does not live on the same island as you. You will serve your spouse (deliver court papers to him/her) by certified or registered mail, restricted delivery. You must complete the Motion for Service by Mail, Order for Service by Mail and obtain the Court’s approval before servicing your spouse by mail.

The receipt for Certified Mail and Domestic Return Receipt or the Receipt for Registered Mail and Return Receipt must be attached to the Statement of Mailing Exhibits 1 and 2. The Return Receipt must be signed by your spouse and show the date that your spouse received the document. 

We suggest you read our publication Divorce Law in Hawaii and review the related resources below before completing this interview. 


What do I need to get started?

It is helpful to gather the following documents and information before starting the self-help interview:

  • Your full legal name

  • Your address and contact number 

  • Your spouse's full legal name

  • Your spouse's address

Last Review and Update: Aug 14, 2018
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