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At risk of eviction? Here are resources that can Help

If you’re looking for help with housing costs and housing stabilty during the Covid-19 pandemic, you are not alone. Below are resources that may be able to help. 


Update on Eviction Protections

  • The federal Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) moratorium is no longer in effect. On August 26, 2021, the United States Supreme Court said that the CDC did not have the authority to provide a nationwide eviction moratorium, or to pause evictions. The Supreme Court said only Congress could allow an eviction moratorium. 
  • If you have sent a CDC Declaration to your landlord, talk to a lawyer right away about other options or protections you may have to prevent eviction. The Find Legal Help section below can help you find free or low cost legal help. 
  • Several states have enacted their own eviction moratoriums or other steps to help renters at risk of eviction. If you are not sure what if any protections exist in your state, the resources below can help you find a nonprofit legal aid organization and online resources that can help. 

Emergency Rental Assistance 

  • If you are unable to pay your rent or utility bills, you may qualify for Emergency Rental Assistance. Congress has allocated more than $45 billion to help keep people in their homes. This money can help landlords and renters who are struggling to keep up with rent and other bills. Visit the Consumer Finance Protection Bureau's (CFPB) Rental Assistance Finder to learn about eligibility and find a rental assistance program in your local area. 

Find Free or Low-Cost Legal Help Near You

  • If your landlord is trying to evict you, a nonprofit legal aid program in your area may be able to help. To find free or low-cost legal help with an eviction, visit's Find Help Now page and click on your state or territory. is a national network of trusted nonprofit legal aid providers who help people living on low incomes and other vulnerable people such as children, seniors, and people with disabilities. 
  • The American Bar Association (ABA) also provides a guide to other sources of legal help and how to find an affordable lawyer in your area. 

Learn about Your Legal Rights and Options 

  • provides links to statewide legal aid information in every state and several U.S. terriroties that contain information such as fact sheets, self-help forms or videos to help you understand your legal rights. Many statewide websites also provide links to other helpful websites.
  • The Eviction Lab has created a guide with some of the most frequent questions that tenants may have about evictions as the federal CDC eviction moratorium ends. 
  • provides a directory of community organizations across the country working to prevent eviction and protect tenant rights.
  • The National Low Income Housing Coalition has information about the status of the federal CDC eviction moratorium and the latest information on national efforts to halt evictions.  

Mortgage and Foreclosure Help

  • If you are having trouble paying your mortgage, read this guide from CFPB to learn about your options. 

Help with Other Basic Needs

  • 211 is a free, confidential service that can help connect you to resources if you need help paying your bills, obtaining food assistance, or paying your rent. Call 2-1-1 or visit to get help.    


Last Review and Update: Aug 27, 2021

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