About is a project of South Carolina Legal Services (SCLS). Our goal is to provide the public with easy internet access to basic legal information and legal resources in South Carolina.

South Carolina Legal Services (SCLS) introduced to provide an online source of public legal information for the people of South Carolina:

  • Low-income people who need legal assistance
  • Legal services providers and advocates who serve those constituents
  • Community groups and court personnel who regularly encounter low-income individuals
  • Pro-bono lawyers and law students

How Can South Carolina Legal Services Help You?

South Carolina Legal Services’ goal is to provide equal access to justice for all South Carolinians by assisting those who are most disenfranchised, the very poor.

South Carolina Legal Services expands on the thirty-four year history of legal aid in the state.

This history includes legal assistance to the very poor in areas which seeks to protect children, stabilize families, prevent homelessness, help women and children leave violent situations, obtain and maintain necessary health care, assist the elderly and provide other needed legal assistance which can help the poor to stabilize their lives and move beyond poverty.

How To Get Assistance From South Carolina Legal Services

Callers may reach the Legal Intake Office by dialing 1-888-346-5592 toll-free statewide or 744-9430 in the Columbia area to determine their eligibility and be referred to the appropriate office for assistance.

All calls will be answered by a lawyer or a paralegal that will collect eligibility information and ensure that the caller is financially qualified for free legal services. The legal staff may provide advice or assistance or refer qualified callers to the appropriate legal aid office or to other agencies.

Offices are located around the state and are staffed with attorneys, paralegals, and legal support staff.

Legal assistance is given for counsel and advice, brief services, intervention and mediation, litigation and appeal. is a unique collaboration among the various parts of the public interest legal community, organized primarily in New York City. They use information technology to increase the amount and quality of legal services provided to low-income individuals and communities. is not only a company name, but also a domain name, which pro bono advocates can type into their internet browser in order to access extensive legal information and to share their information with other advocates working for disadvantaged communities.

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