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Child Care Licensing and Regulatory Services

All South Carolina child care programs are required to be licensed, registered, approved or legally exempt. Requirements are determined by the type of provider you are. Licensing promotes health and safety by setting critical standards, then registering and regulating those who provide care for children.

Incorporating a Business

Lawline FAQ: A corporation is a distinct legal entity created by certain specific procedures of South Carolina Law, including registering the corporation in the office of the Secretary of State. Because it is a distinct entity, a corporation is treated differently from other types of business.

Setting Up an Unincorporated Business

Lawline FAQ: The simplest form of a business is a sole proprietorship. In a sole proprietorship, you dedicate a portion of your money to business use, but do not form a new legal entity. You simply use your money and run your business. No written document is necessary to form a sole proprietorship, but a tax identification number, certain city or county business licenses, and types of insurance, such as worker's compensation insurance, may be required.

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