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  • Building Wealth: A Beginner's Guide to Your Financial Future

    Building Wealth: A Beginner's Guide to Securing Your Financial Future offers introductory guidance to individuals and families seeking help to develop a plan for building personal wealth. While a comprehensive discussion of accounting, finance and investment options is beyond the scope of this workbook, it presents an overview of personal wealth-building strategies. Content Detail

    Federal Reserve Bank of Dallas
  • How to File a Consumer Complaint about a Bank

    If you have a complaint about a bank or other financial institution, the Federal Reserve System might be able to help you. The Federal Reserve is responsible for carrying out many of the federal laws that protect consumers in their dealings with financial institutions. We can help individual consumers by: (1) Answering questions about banking practices, and (2) Investigating complaints about specific banks under our supervisory jurisdiction. Content Detail

    Federal Reserve Board
  • What To Do When Someone Writes You a Bad Check

    Lawline FAQ: If a person pays for goods or services with a check and that check is then dishonored by the bank on which it is written, you may be able to collect on the check by proceeding under the so-called South Carolina Bad Check law. Content Detail

    South Carolina Bar Association