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Fighting Back: Stop Arrests, Police Abuse in the Lesbian and Gay Community

Rest Stop Arrests and Police Abuse in the Lesbian and Gay Community

Keep America Safe and Free

The ACLU Campaign to Defend the Constitution The urgency in our campaign to keep America both safe and free has never been greater as more than 150 sections of the Patriot Act are set to expire or "sunset" unless Congress votes to reauthorize, and expand, the bill. Resources on this page will help to educate yourself and others about what's at stake with the sunsets and to take action to preserve the checks and balances that shield our fundamental freedoms from excessive government power.

Know Your Rights: When Encountering Law Enforcement

This brochure provides detailed information about what to do to protect your rights if you are stopped by the police, the FBI, The INS or the Customs Service.

Police Practices

Police abuse continues to be a major civil liberties problem in the United States, particularly in poor communities and communities of color. In New York City, Amadou Diallo, an unarmed black man, was killed in the vestibule of his apartment building after police shot him 41 times.

Rules on Search and Seizure

What can police search, and when? This area of criminal investigation is extremely important, and the law sets up rules and governs what can be introduced at trial. This web site contains more information about these rules.

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