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Can I Become A Guardian ad Litem in DSS Cases?

A guardian ad litem is a lawyer or non-lawyer appointed in court proceedings by the court to represent “the best interests” of the child or children involved in that case.

Child Protection Hearing Checklist: Merits Hearing

A hearing on the merits must be scheduled within 35 days of receipt of removal complaint by family court.

Excerpt on Guardian ad Litems from Child Abuse and Neglect Handbook

Guide to what parents should know if they are investigated for child abuse or child neglect. PDF document (may load slowly).

Foster Parents Considering Adoption

As a foster parent, you act in the best interests of the child in your care, which means providing consistency and stability and supporting the best permanency goal for the child. While reunification is typically the primary goal of foster care, foster parents are often asked to prepare to adopt the child in their care if safely returning to the birth family isn’t possible.

Questions to Ask Before You Hire an Attorney for a Domestic Violence or Family Matter

Here are some questions to ask before you hire an attorney, questions regarding fees and costs, questions about cases regarding domestic violence, and questions about contested custody cases.

Adopting Children From Foster Care

The Children's Bureau supports programs, research, and monitoring to help eliminate barriers to adoption and find permanent families for children. CB provides funding to states and tribes to help them support families who adopt from foster care. We provide additional funds to states that achieve a high number of adoptions of children from foster care.

A Family's Guide to the Child Welfare System

A guide for families in the child welfare system including experiences other families have had, laws and policies, and ways to advocate for a family's rights.

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