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Common Questions about Alimony and Child Support from Military Personnel and Defense Employees

This web page contains answers to common questions about collecting child support and alimony from military personnel and employees of the Department of Defense.

Countdown to Growing Up Tool

Free interactive tool helps you learn what to expect in your child's growth and development, from birth to 18+ years.

DoubleDuty Dad Guide

Guide to help you become a mentor to a child in need or to another dad in need.

Excerpt on Guardian ad Litems from Child Abuse and Neglect Handbook

Guide to what parents should know if they are investigated for child abuse or child neglect. PDF document (may load slowly).

Finding Your Way: Guides for Fathers in Child Protection Cases

A collection of six guides available in both English and Spanish for use by fathers involved in child protection cases (child welfare cases) that you can download for free.

Jobs not Jail: Alternatives to Incarceration for Low - Income, Noncustodial Parents

A report that looks at alternative methods of having fathers provide for their children.

Modifying Child Support

Learn how to request child support modification without an attorney, and complete automated interview forms for child support modification.

The Father Absence Crisis in America (infographic)

Whether you are with an organization that serves fathers and families, or you are a father yourself, it's important to carry the message of the value of fathers to our nation. To help you share this message, we created a simple yet powerful infographic outlining the father absence crisis in America, and how it's affecting our children.

The Ultimate Guide to Connecting with Your Child

This E-Book is designed to help Dad and his child get to know each other better and, in the process, become closer and more connected.

Answers to Common Child Support Questions

Divorced or never-married fathers are often court ordered to pay child support. Some orders result from a private family court order or through the South Carolina Department of Social Services (DSS). Whether a private or DSS child support order, most orders are paid through the clerk of court so that payments are monitored and enforced. The child support and legal system can often be confusing and daunting leaving fathers with many questions that if unanswered can dramatically impact their lives. The following answers address frequently asked questions. PDF document (may load slowly).

Parenting Tips for Fathers

Ten useful tips for being a positive influence in your children's lives.

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