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Common Law Marriage Abolished in S.C.

SCLS attorney Leslie Fisk describes the differences between ceremonial marriage and common law marriage. She discusses the 2019 South Carolina Family Court case that changed the rule about common law marriage in South Carolina. The bottom line is that you cannot start a common law marriage in South Carolina after July 24, 2019. She provides a few examples of how being common law married, or not, may impact a person’s rights.

Divorce in South Carolina-Frequently Asked Questions

In this installment of Level Up Law, Tamika Cannon & Kathryn Sellars explains the basics on getting a divorce in South Carolina. You hear about the grounds for divorce, issues when serving divorce papers, time requirements and the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

DIY Divorce in S.C.: How To Complete the Paperwork and Represent Yourself

In this episode, learn how to complete the divorce paperwork no your own in South Carolina (SC).

How to Prepare for an S.C. Family Court Temporary Hearing

Learn how to best prepare yourself for a temporary hearing in South Carolina Family Court. We'll also discuss how cases progress through the Family Court process.

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