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  • Public Defender Services in South Carolina

    Lawline FAQ: Public Defender services are provided by offices located in most counties in the state to people charged with a crime who cannot afford to hire a private lawyer. Public Defender services are available to people who qualify regardless of whether they are in jail or out of jail. Content Detail

    South Carolina Bar Association
  • SC Public Defender Offices

    Who is your local Public Defender? Find out here. Content Detail

    SC Office of Indigent Defense
  • South Carolina Department of Public Safety

    The South Carolina Department of Public Safety exists to ensure the safety of South Carolina's citizens and visitors. The employees of the Department of Public Safety fulfill this mission by enforcing the traffic, motor vehicle and motor carrier laws; educating the public on highway safety; administering highway safety and criminal justice grant programs; operating a comprehensive law enforcement training program and certification process; and providing security and safety services for public officials as well as state properties. Content Detail