Domestic Violence

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Compensation For Domestic Violence Victims

State law permits persons who have been emotionally and/or physically injured in a reported crime to receive certain benefits from SOVA. Individual victims, immediate family members, or their legal representatives can apply for consideration.

Divorce in South Carolina FAQs (PowerPoint Slides)

Divorce in South Carolina FAQs PowerPoint slide presentation for South Carolina Legal Services' Level Up Law series.

Domestic Violence: Family Court v. Criminal Court

“In this installment of Level Up Law, Elizabeth Able covers the broad topic of Domestic Violence in our legal system. You hear about domestic violence issues that are prevalent in our family courts while also gaining an overview of domestic violence charges in criminal court. She explains Orders of Protection, Permanent Restraining Orders, and Bond Revocations as they relate to victim safety. She briefly touches on how family court and criminal court can overlap or stand on their own against domestic violence. Elizabeth is joined by Molly Morris who does an excellent job providing resources and information for those who are affected by domestic violence. They both work to answer questions related to domestic violence in our court systems.

Foothills Alliance: Child Advocacy Center

Victim support and advocacy are made available throughout the investigation and prosecution of each child's case.

Immigrant Women and Abuse

If you are an immigrant to the United States, and you are a victim of domestic violence or rape, here are some suggestions we hope will help you.

5 Important Ways to Document Abuse

Documenting abuse can not only identify the red flags, but it can help a person take steps to stop future abuse, as well as prepare someone if they decide to take legal action. Here are five important ways to document abuse in a relationship.

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