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Are You Prepared: Heirs’ Property and Probate

In this installment of Level Up Law Attorneys Taylor Ott and Jennifer Rainville explain how to plan ahead and be prepared for end of life issues. How probate will affect your family and your property, especially if you have heirs’ property that includes title being held in the names of multiple family members.

Army National Guard Education Center

National Guard soldiers are encouraged in their efforts to pursue higher education. Educational goals may be closer than expected because many military courses and specialties can be credited toward a degree. The Education Support Center can assist in evaluating existing credits and mlitary experience. The links on the right can help soldiers toward enhancing both civilian and military education.

Basic Estate Administration

In this episode of Level Up Law, Probate Lead Attorney Jessica Shultz explains how to administer basic probate estates in South Carolina, including small and full estates.

Getting your Legal House in Order: Tips for Senior Women

In observance of Women’s History Month we explore the history of law in S.C. affecting women. This is followed by information on common law marriage - how it developed, how to prove it and what is left, if anything, now that it has been abolished by the S.C. Supreme Court. The episode concludes with a series of tips and checklists for senior women on getting your legal house in order.

Guardianship and Conservatorship

n this weeks’ episode of Level Up Law, we explore what Guardianships and Conservatorships are and what incapacity is, identify alternatives to Guardianship and Conservatorship, and explain how to file for Guardian and Conservator.

How to File a Claim Against an Estate – What to Expect

How to Partition under the Clementa C. Pinckney Uniform Partition of Heirs’ Property Act Important definitions: (1) "Ascendant" means an individual who precedes another individual in lineage, in the direct line of ascent from the other individual. (2) "Collateral" means an individual who is related to another individual under the law of intestate succession of this State, but who is not the other individual's ascendant or descendant. (3) "Descendant" means an individual who follows another individual in lineage, in the direct line of descent from the other individual. (4) "Determination of value" means a court order determining the fair market value of heirs' property under Section 15‑61‑360 or Section 15‑61‑400 or adopting the valuation of the property agreed to by all cotenants.

How to Open an Estate in South Carolina Probate Court

The death of a loved one can cause uncertainty in many areas of life. South Carolina Legal Services hopes to guide you through some of that uncertainty by teaching you how to open your loved one’s estate in South Carolina Probate Court. SCLS Staff Attorney Jessica Shultz, Esq., explains what probate is, the different types of estates, and how to open an estate (and re-open an estate) both informally and formally. This video does not address estate administration.

Isn't It Time We Talk

An “Isn’t It Time We Talk” Planning Guide is available at a minimal cost from The Carolinas Center for Hospice and End of Life Care. This workbook includes copies of the Living Will and Health Care Power of Attorney and is designed to help individuals and families discuss and plan for health care before there is a medical crisis. Information about this Guide can be found at www.carolinasendofl ifecare.org or by calling (803) 791-4220.

Keep it Simple. Elder Law 101. (Advance Directives)

SCLS attorney, Taylor Ott, tells you everything you need to know about elder law in South Carolina. Specifically, she talks about advanced directives and living wills. Advance directives help you outline your wishes for end of life care, and post life arrangements.

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