South Carolina Legal Services’ Online Classrooms

Welcome to South Carolina Legal Services’ (SCLS) Online Classrooms. Below you will find Classrooms in twelve (12) different subject areas to help you represent yourself or your client in court.


  Debt Collection Defense in S.C. Summary Court (Claim and Delivery)

This classroom helps you answer a lawsuit where a loan company has filed an Affidavit and Complaint for claim and delivery of your household property.

 Debt Collection Defense in S.C. Summary Court (NOT Claim and Delivery)

This Classroom walks you through what to do if you are sued in summary court in South Carolina, and the creditor is asking the court for a judgment against you.

 The ABC’s of Guardianship

This Classroom explains what a Guardianship is, when it is necessary, the alternatives, and the process of filing a Guardianship action in Probate Court.

 Unemployment Benefits Appeals in South Carolina

This Classroom guides you through the unemployment insurance appeals process in South Carolina.

 Filing for an Order of Protection

This Classroom helps domestic violence survivors determine if an Order of Protection is appropriate for them and provides information for filing for an Order of Protection.

 Defending Debt Collection Cases in S.C. Circuit Courts

This Classroom reviews a typical credit card collection case, including where appropriate how to respond to a complaint, raise counterclaims against the debt collector, answer discovery requests, and deal with a motion for summary judgment, including an opposing affidavit

 Preserving Heirs Property in S.C./Quieting Title and Partition

This Classroom will explain what Heirs Property means and the issues it may cause. The classroom also goes over steps that can be taken to clear up the title and preserve ownership of land that has become Heirs Property.

 Roadmap to the Foreclosure Process in S.C.

This Classroom will teach you ways to stop or avoid foreclosure, what to do when you are served with foreclosure papers, and what to expect from the foreclosure process.

 Education Law Issues and How to Handle Them

This Classroom will prepare you to handle Expulsion Hearings, Manifestation Determination Reviews (MDRs), and IEP meetings.

 Expungement and Pardons of Criminal Records in S.C.

This Classroom will explain the expungement and pardon process in South Carolina, and how to prepare before submitting the applications for relief."

 Residential Eviction Defense (Does not apply to homeowners or commercial renters)

This Classroom will teach you about some basic steps you can take if you are sued for eviction from a residential dwelling (i.e. your home) and will discuss some basic information you will need to understand the legal eviction process. 

 Getting Your Landlord to Make Repairs

This Classroom gives an overview of legal remedies available to tenants when their landlord has failed to make needed repairs.

Representing Survivors of Domestic Violence in Contested Custody and Visitation Cases

This Classroom is only for attorneys who represent victims of domestic violence. Email us at for access.

This project was developed with funds from Legal Services Corporation through a Technology Initiative Grant.

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