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South Carolina Legal Services is offering SALT—a financial education resource for South Carolina student loan debtors. This partnership arose from a working group of lawyers and trustees formed by the Honorable John E. Waites, U.S. Bankruptcy Judge for the District of South Carolina. Judge Waite’s goal was to identify information and resources which would assist the bankruptcy bar, pro se filers, and the public in addressing student loan debt issues and also to promote understanding of nonbankruptcy procedures and remedies.  


As a result of the efforts of the working groups the Court and SCLS will provide a website link to ongoing student loan debt advice in bankruptcy cases through the American Student Assistance (ASA) SALT program. ASA is a 56-year old nonprofit that helps members manage their student loan debt and equips them with money skills, expressed an interest in working with the project.  ASA has a long history of contracting with schools, universities, and organizations across the country to provide this service to student loan debtors.  With the support of the Court, South Carolina Legal Services has teamed up with ASA to provide a free membership for South Carolina debtors to, ASA’s dynamic website which provides resources and live chat guidance regarding student loan debt to its members.  To activate a free individual SALT membership, South Carolina debtors can visit


SALT will help you take charge of your finances, track student loans, and look for scholarships, internships, and jobs. Plus, it’s free! Visit to sign up.


For questions, call SCLS Consumer Unit Head Susan Ingles at 864-679-3244.

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Last Review and Update: May 07, 2015