Self-Help Interview Questions


By providing these forms, neither South Carolina Legal Services nor any member of its staff is contracting in any way to provide you with legal advice or representation. If you do not understand how to complete these forms, you need to seek the advice of an attorney.
***Any legal action you take can permanently affect your legal rights***

  • What are Interactive Court Forms?
    The interactive court forms are designed to help low-income South Carolinians representing themselves in court complete the forms they need easily and accurately.
  • What Should I Expect?
    You will answer questions in the interview format and your answers will be used to fill in South Carolina court approved forms relevant to you court case. Once your click the link to the form you need, you will be taken to our partnering site, LawHelp Interactive, to complete the interview for the interactive forms. At the end of the interview, you will submit your answers, wait for your documents to be assembled, and then download your documents for printing. Instructions about what to do next will be included in your printed form packet.
  • Who Can Use This Program?
    This program is designed for low-income South Carolinians, or advocates assisting them, who are representing themselves in a non-criminal court case.
  • What Do I Need To Get Started?
    First, select the type of forms needed for your legal situation (eg. Family Law). Each section will provide you with a list of information you will need to complete the interview and corresponding court forms.
  • Do I Need a Specific Browser to Access the Interactive Forms?
     To access the interactive court forms, make sure to use an updated, Flash-enabled browser such as Internet Explorer
    ( You may want to check for the latest version of the browser by visiting their website. 
  • What Software is Needed to Download and Print the Forms?
     The interactive court forms download for printing in Rich Text Format (.rtf), which can be opened in Microsoft Word
    ( If Microsoft Word  isn't installed on your computer, download a free copy of the WordViewer
    ( or OpenOffice ( software. Make sure when downloading the documents your computer chooses one of these programs to download the documents and therefore avoid getting nonsense or "gibberish".
  • How Much Does It Cost?
    There is no cost for using this program. However, please note there are fees for filing most court documents. The instructions will include fee information or you can contact your local Clerk of Courts Office for more details.
  • Why Can I Not See The Interview? I Keep Getting an Error Message: (There is a problem. Could not find question. Unable to proceed.)
    Adobe Flash MUST be installed on the computer you are using in order to view the interviews. If Flash is not installed, you will get an error message at the beginning of your interview indicating there is a problem. If you are using your own computer, it is safe, easy to install and free. To download the latest version of Flash, go to: Adobe Flash Player ( and click Install Now. If you are using a public computer, check with the organization to find out if Flash is installed. NOTE: Flash only needs to be downloaded the first time you use the program.
  • Do I Need a Specific Browser to Access the Interactive Forms?
    These automated forms are most commonly used with Internet Explorer (, but can be used with other web browsers like Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome, and Opera. 
  • What Should I Know About Representing Myself In Court?
     When you represent yourself in court you are held to the same standards as an attorney. Your preparation, paperwork, and your conduct at all hearings must comply with court rules and orders. You should always talk to a lawyer about your legal issues before filing any legal paperwork. Even if you do not hire a lawyer to appear in your case, a lawyer can give you information about your rights.
  • How Do I Return to An Interview That I Didn't Complete the First Time?
    You have the option to Sign up – saving a name and password. This will allow you to save your answers and return later. It will also save your answers to use in later forms. You will choose self-helper as the account type. You may enter your email, if you wish to email the documents. This can allow you to save them if you are using a public access computer. You will not be contacted by email. None of this information is available to or accessible by any other persons. The forms are hosted on an encrypted, secure server. Click here to read the full privacy policy. If you have registered and saved your answers on a previous visit, follow these instructions.

    Step one: Log in. If you didn’t register previously and save your answers, then this option is not available. You will have to complete the interview again.

    Step two: Pick your saved answers. You will return to the interview, but your answers will be in the blanks, so you can click through them quickly, until you reach the unanswered questions. You can change your answers at this point. However, complete the options as you did the first time. (If the interview asks a yes or no question, answer it the same this time through.) If you are using a new template, you can select saved answers and the relevant information will be transferred from your prior use. You will know what was transferred, because it will be in the boxes of the interview. You will need to answer any questions that aren’t answered already.
  • How do I find the document I created with this online interview?
     If you get to the point where you see the "Save Your Answers" or "Get Your Document" box, your documents have been prepared. “Save your answers” just saves the answers, not the document. You can use those answers again, but have to go through the interview again. You just don’t have to re-enter the information. To actually see the document, you have to click the “Get Your Document” button. This is the next screen and you press the Get Document button again. The file will open a box allowing you to select where you want to save the document. Save the document on your computer in a place of your choosing. You can then find where you saved the document, open it in Word, review, edit, and print it.

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