Self-Help Order of Protection Forms

Self-Help Order of Protection Forms


Order of Protection Instructions/Instrucciones de orden de protección

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Order of Protection Interview/Entrevista de orden de protección

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Interview Summary:

You may use these forms if you want to file for an Order of Protection. The self-help program will ask questions that you must answer in order to complete the form(s). You will enter all information using the computer, your phone, or another device. In order to complete the forms, you will need to enter personal information about yourself and the person against whom you are seeking the order. When you have finished completing the forms, you will be able to print them, or save them and print them out later.

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Petitioner Forms

You may use these forms if the following requirements apply to you:

  • You are married to the abuser, or
  • You were formerly married to the abuser, or
  • You have children with the abuser, or
  • You and the abuser dated and lived together, or
  • You are applying for a child in your household who was abused.

Abuse: The abuse must be physical harm, the threat of physical harm, bodily injury, assault, the threat of physical harm, or a sexual crime.

Residence: You or the abuser must live in South Carolina or have last lived together in South Carolina, or the abuse must have happened in South Carolina.

If there is a divorce or separate maintenance case pending between you and your spouse, there is a different process to obtain an Order of Protection. You will likely need an attorney.

Please note that an Order of Protection should not be filed simply to obtain custody or child support. an Order of Protection is for someone who has been abused by and needs protection from a spouse, former spouse, someone with whom they have a child in common, or someone whom they dated or lived with in the past. It can also be used by someone with a child in their household that has been abused. Although custody and child support may be ordered, you will be required to prove that the abuse happened and fits the definition of abuse under the South Carolina law. Also, a judge might grant an Order of Protection, but may refuse to make a decision about custody or child support.

Your work will not be automatically saved. Please save your progress as you go if you want to leave and come back to the program to finish. This program will log you out after two hours.

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These forms are not for commercial use and charging for their use in any way is prohibited. By providing these forms, neither South Carolina Legal Services nor any member of its staff is contracting in any way to provide you with legal advice or representation. If you do not understand how to complete these forms, you need to seek the advice of an attorney.
***Any legal action you take can permanently affect your legal rights***

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