Self-Help Forms

Free Self-Help Resources for South Carolina Courts


South Carolina Legal Services has developed self-represented litigant resources to provide access to South Carolina courts without the assistance of an attorney. From this website, you can access an interview that will help you complete the self-help forms listed below.


Self-Help Filing Instructions


Self-Help Interviews

  • Child Support Modifi cation: Court-approved forms to seek a child support modification or answer a child support modification action filed against you.
  • Child Visitation: Court-approved forms to seek visitation with your child or answer if a visitation action is filed against you.
  • Divor ce: Court-approved forms to seek a divorce from your spouse or partner or answer a divorce action filed against you.
  • ID TheftLetters to notify a debt collector or credit bureau of the theft of your identity.
  • Order of ProtectionCourt-approved forms to seek an order of protection against an abuser.


Additional Resources

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